My Payot Sleeping Pack

My Payot Sleeping Pack

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The new generation night skincare My Payot Sleeping Pack will revolutionise your skincare routine.
Because it acts while you sleep, when your skin is most receptive to the benefits of skincare, this sleeping pack releases its active ingredients continuously, with its patch-effect texture that keeps them in place.

Containing energising superfruits, plumping hyaluronic acid and invigorating silk tree extract, it erases visible signs of fatigue, allows the skin to recover better during the night, revives radiance and visibly improves skin quality.

In the morning, the complexion is fresh and radiant, and the skin appears smoothed and visibly rested like after a good night’s sleep.

Apply twice or three times a week, or in cases of extreme fatigue, instead of your usual night cream. There is no need to leave it on and then remove the mask.

Apply a thin layer in the evening, and take advantages of the hours you sleep to boost your skin's radiance.