What Does Toner Actually Do and Do I Need It?

This is a question often asked to those us working in the skincare industry and the short answer is - yes, you sure do. And here's why:

Toning Lotions have come a long way over the years. Gone are the days where the products were heavily alcohol based and could strip off your nail polish. Back then,  toners were mostly designed to strip the oil of any excess sebum, oil, dirt and product residue. This worked well for those clients that had oily skin, or those that liked a really tight, dry skin, but let's face it, that's only a few of us, not all of us, and if toners were going to survive, they had to evolve.

And evolve they did! There are so many toners out there to suit all skin types and conditions and they now come in lotions and, even more conveniently, spray mists. The heavier alcohol based products have been replaced with products that balance and hydrate our skin, leaving a dewy, fresh complexion that is ready for the application of further products.

The skin has a natural ph balance. This is the balance of acid and alkalinity on your skin surface. Ideally, the measurement of your own skin should be sightly acidic at a ph of about 5.5.

When we apply products to the skin, like a toner, they can disrupt this delicate balance and you can see how wiping an alcohol based product all over your face is disruptive to your skins health. Toners that are too acidic, or alkaline, can leave the skin damaged and fragile, leading to conditions like dermatitis, eczema and acne. However, the correct toning lotion repairs and hydrates the skin, perfectly preparing it for the follow up use of your other skincare products.

If the skin is hydrated and balanced, something that cannot be achieved with a cleanser due to the very nature of its purpose, your essences, serums and moisturisers, which you have paid good money for, will be able to work at their most effective and efficient, giving you the best possible result. In our experience, clients and customers that use a toner have clearer, brighter and more hydrated complexion.

Toner is an important step and should be included into any skincare regime. Use your toner as often as you like, you can even use a mist over your make up (just spritz lightly!). 

Our own Toning Mist contains soothing Aloe and Cucumber, native Australian Lilli Pilli, Kakadu Plum extract containing Vitamin C, Nettel Leaf extract for its anti-inflammatory properties and Citric Acid to brighten the skin and provide anti-bacterial properties. This product can be applied on clean skin before the use of your other products or over the top of your skincare or makeup for a refreshing and hydrating burst.