The Magic of Shea Butter

Sourced from the nut of the Shea Tree primarily found it Africa, this natural source of moisture has been used for generations to soften and nourish the skin on the face and body.

The properties of shea butter are gentle and safe for use on sensitive skins due to its soothing texture and natural anti inflammatory action. This popular cosmetic ingredient gives products a beautiful luxurious texture and instantly provides the skin with moisture.

The composition of shea butter allows it to melt at body temperature, allowing it to be readily absorbed by the skin. It has fantastic water binding properties and is very effective applied over a water based serum placed on the skin underneath. 

A wonderful remedy for dry or dehydrated skin types, shea butter also contains antioxidants, Vitamin E, that fight environmental pollutants that are a part modern lifestyles.

Vitamin A can be found is shea butter, which will target ageing and sun damage, and this powerful ingredient also provides mild protection against UV damage.

Shea butter can be found in our Smoothing Moisturiser, the heaviest and most nourishing cream in our range, for beautiful results.