New Toning Mist Launch

We have now added a new Toning Mist as part of our product line up.

Formulated to refine, hydrate and supply intense moisture to the skin throughout the day, our Toning Mist works beautifully over or under makeup for daily use. 

Our refreshing, light spray is suitable for all skin types.

Enriched with active ingredients and antioxidants, this product is designed to cool, calm, refine and defend the skin from environmental damage.

Facial Mists or Toning Mists are a great way to keep the skin hydrated, glowing and balanced. 

The right active ingredients can directly address your specific skin concerns to achieve your desired results.

They are convenient and easy to use and can travel easily with you.

Mists will make a bigger difference to your skin than you think and should be a part of everyone's home care regime.