Coconut Oil & Beautiful Skin

Coconut oil is a very common ingredient in lots of products and has become even more popular in recent times.

Rich in fatty acids that nourish the skin, coconut oil and its properties, can be found in numerous health and beauty products such as skin, body and hair care products.

The fatty acids found in this wonder ingredient can make a difference to several different skin types and conditions.

Anti-fungal and antibacterial properties derived from the lauric acid and capric acid components found in coconut oil, can assist the treatment of acne

By improving beneficial anti-oxidants in the skin due to the presence of tocopherols and polyphenols, coconut oil provides anti- inflammatory benefits, which can help with the treatment of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The increased efficiency of anti-oxidants in the skin also assist with repairing the skin and wound healing. These particular properties, once again, can help with the treatment of acne prone skin and those concerned with anti-ageing, as the wound healing properties increase collagen in the skin.

The treatment of dry skin is one of the more obvious benefits, due to its rich emollient texture, however, on its own, in a raw format, many skin types may find the texture too heavy or rich, clogging the skin and pores and feeling heavy or greasy. When included into the formulation of a skin care product, all of the benefits listed above can be achieved in a much more comfortable texture, which can be experienced with our Night Cream and Body Lotion.  

With so many benefits, and the ability to adapt to the needs of various different skin types, it’s easy to understand why coconut oil, and its properties, are so heavily used in our skin and beauty products.